International Affairs Office



                                                                   Jennifer Lowe - Coordinator


    IBCCF has an International Office to promote scientific cooperation for students, faculty and researchers. The aim of this coordination is enhancing cooperation and helping in mobility logistics. Today IBCCF has several international agreements with different institutions all over the world. Students and faculty members enjoy a multicultural environment with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Major tasks:

1.        to advise students from IBCCF about questions related to study abroad programs and applications;

2.        to manage the international academic agreements of IBCCF;

3.        to provide advising and assistance for international students and visitant Professors


    All classes in IBCCF are in portuguese. The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro has a Language Centre that offers Portuguese language courses for exchange students enrolled at UFRJ. For more information, please visit here.


International Affairs Office of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - SCRI/UFRJ

    The UFRJ International Affairs Office (SCRI) develops the international policy of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The SCRI/UFRJ manages more than 170 international agreements on technical, scientific, and cultural cooperation whose aims are the exchange of knowledge, the stimulation of research, and a finer perception of otherness. The intercultural dialogue arisen from such partnerships broadens the professional and human horizons of the students, teachers and technical-administrative staff.    

    SCRI is divided into three sections: International Affaris, Agreements and Exchanges. Briefly, the section of International Affairs is in charge of the establishment of foreign cooperation, search and dissemination of opportunities for the internal public, the reception of foreign delegations and representation of UFRJ in Brazil and abroad. The Agreements section has the function of monitoring the conduct of proceedings agreements since opening in the unit concerned until your signature. The section of exchanges, in turn, takes care of the academic mobility program, key activity of SCRI.

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