Coordination of Extension Activities IBCCF

The Coordination of Extension Activities (CATE) was officially instituted in 2002. Currently, it is responsible for various activities, including weekly conferences, continuing education degrees, events of the “open walls” variety, and the preservation of the scientific archives of this Institute.

    The Carlos Chagas Filho Biophysics Institute has a history marked by the excellence of its research and teaching activities in different areas of knowledge, such as immunobiology, cell physiology and biophysics, neurobiology, parasitology, molecular and structural biology, environmental biophysics, bioengineering, and biotechnology. The CATE has the objective of meeting the social demand for committed, quality teaching through the continual training of professionals and academics in the diverse areas of performance of this Institute. Our activities enable the expansion and renovation of knowledge for professionals who seek a better foothold in the marketplace. These activities include degrees of specialization and professional performance, and the rapid transference of this knowledge to other sectors of Brazilian society.

    Additionally, we annually receive elementary and secondary students from public and private schools in the state of Rio de Janeiro to gain experience in laboratories of excellence. We also provide specialized technical services that enable the scientific knowledge produced at the institution to be made rapidly available in the attempt to solve important societal problems.

    Finally, we have the Carlos Chagas Filho Memorial Space, in which we preserve and make public the history of this institute.

Chair and contact

Coordinator: Valéria Freitas de Magalhães

Vice Coordinator: Alfred Sholl Franco

Secretary: Edna Souza (