Marc Andre Michael Thorsten Sammeth - Adjunto


Hi, I am a researcher in computational biology and my story starts at the Federal University of Würzburg (2002), where graduated in biology (major: biochemistry, genetics & neurobiology, virology & immunology, minor: computer science). My PhD studies were supported by the Ernst Schering Research Foundation, and I studied specialized algorithms for multiple sequence alignments at Bielefeld University and at the Free University of Amsterdam. The German Academic Exchange service funded my post-doctoral studies at the University Pompeu Fabra, where I started to work on genomics and (alternative) splicing. I followed these research lines at the newly created Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, supported by a young reseacher grant by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. Afterwards, I started my first group in Functional Bioinformatics at the Spanish National Sequencing Center, focusing on all aspects of functional elements as assessed by novel sequencing technologies. Since 2013 I located to Brazil, where I researched at the National Center for Computational Science before joining the Biophysics Institute Carlos Chagas Filho at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The research in my lab focuses on functional genomics and transcriptomics in general. Cheers

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